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FRANCE TV NEWS is a full-service news and marketing company, which knows its customers and how to not only reach them but also connect and engage with them. We are a trusted media marketing solutions providing company. We will publish Press Release for your brand/company and about your services starting from $20.


FRANCE TV NEWS digital audience/readers are more than just another global digital media. LET’S CONNECT Find out how we can help you reach your business goals with a customized marketing solution. To advertise your brand or product on all our media websites, get in touch with Simi (Director Marketing) at [email protected].

Testimonials about our media solutions services

  1. I am a trademark attorney in California, Los Angeles. Recently, I hired FRANCE TV NEWS to do branding for me on social media channels. They created an extremely professional Press Release and published it on over 100 media sites and other social media platforms. For this work, they charged me a very nominal fee. Within a couple of days, my press release started appearing on Google search results pages and clients started contacting me. I would like to say a big thank you to the digital marketing team of Los Angeles TV NEWS for the excellent work they did for me. Would hire them in the future when needed. Highly recommended!
  2. I have an IT team that I built almost single-handedly. However, because of the work pressure, I couldn’t do digital marketing on my own. That’s when someone suggested I should seek the services of FRANCE TV NEWS. They promoted my business on social media channels, and as a result of which not most of my business is coming from these platforms. If you also need help with digital marketing, I recommend you look no further than the digital marketing team of FRANCE TV NEWS.
  3. I am in the catering business but my business has been down lately. On a friend’s suggestion, I roped in the services of FRANCE TV NEWS, which helped me win a number of clients through their digital marketing affords. I endorse their brand wholeheartedly!
  4. I have a photography company. One of my friends told me about the top branding services of the FRANCE TV NEWS team. I approached them and they did target social media advertising and marketing for me. Thanks to their efforts, today I’m earning 5x more than what I was earning before. Strongly recommended!
  5. I run a car garage, but the competition is stiff in my niche. Compared to my competitors, my garage is smaller and newer. I saw FRANCE TV NEWS website on Google and contacted them. They helped me win many clients by running a digital marketing campaign for me. Their fee is also very reasonable. I’m very happy and the business now is great.
  6. I am in tax consulting services. One of my clients told me about the branding and digital marketing services of FRANCE TV NEWS. Ever since I roped in their services, my business has grown fourfold. I can’t thank Harry and his team enough.
  7. I recently opened a beauty salon, but because of stiff competition, was finding it to build a loyal customer base. I contacted the digital marketing team of FRANCE TV NEWS. They ran a targeted marketing campaign for me on social media for two months. And now my beauty salon has become the number one in my local area. Thank you!
  8. I am a lawyer in New Jersey, America. I got the reference for FRANCE TV NEWS from a friend. These guys are incredible. They’ve helped me to grow my business through their digital marketing affords. Now, I am exactly where I wanted to be and these guys made it possible. Thank you.
  9. I am running a Kindergarten school in Texas, Los Angeles. I contacted the digital marketing team of FRANCE TV NEWS. They created a press release for me and published it on more than 100 websites of theirs. Thanks to their efforts, many parents in the neighborhood contacted me and now my school is packed in just 2 weeks to its full capacity. Thank you, guys.
  10. I am a health consultant and I contacted the digital marketing team of FRANCE TV NEWS to do social branding for me. These guys know their stuff and exceeded our expectations in any way. Today the biggest problem I seem to come across is having too many clients—which is the ideal problem to have! Thanks to this team my business is great. Highly recommended!

You can also contact our marketing team regarding your branding and digital marketing requirements via email at [email protected]